Create a Bootable XP Setup USB Drive Using XP2USB

Create a Bootable XP Setup USB Drive Using XP2USB

Ever wondered how to get a XP setup CD onto a USB drive? Here’s how:

  1. First download and extract XP2USB (12.3MB), which contains all the tools you will need.
  2. Download an XP iso or create one from an XP setup CD.
  3. Extract the iso to a folder.
  4. Do steps 5-10 if using XP x64.
  5. If you are putting XP Pro x64 on the USB, then you will need to extract nLite.
  6. Run nLite.
  7. Click next. Locate the extracted iso folder. Click next.
  8. Click Drivers. Insert. Choose an INF file from the SATA64 directory.
  9. Use CTRL+Shift to select all the files. Hit OK.
  10. Click Next. Yes. After the process is finished, click next.
  11. Format the USB drive using NTFS or FAT16/32. (In Explorer, right click on USB drive and click format)
  12. Run WinSetup.
  13. Select correct USB drive. (The drive must be 1GB or bigger)
  14. Click Bootice. Process MBR and select GRUB4DOS. Install/Config. Close.
  15. Click Process PBR. Select NTLDR boot record. Install/Config. Close. Exit.
  16. In WinSetup, check Windows 2000/XP/2003 Setup. Browse for the XP setup folder.
  17. Click GO. After finished, exit program.

You now have a bootable XP USB drive.

Optional – If you installed XP as a dual boot operating system, and you installed it after Vista or 7, then you will need to have a boot menu that shows both operating systems:

  1. Install EasyBCD from XP2USB archive.
  2. Use EasyBCD to add and edit entries in the boot file.
  3. Save settings.
  4. Restart and you should have the updated boot menu list.


  1. Great tutorial, works perfectly, thanks!

  2. There is no SATA64 directory in XP x64 ! Only AMD64 !

  3. Nevermind, it’s in the XPSetupFolder. I suggest you to mention it.

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