Put Mini XP on a USB Drive

Put Mini XP on a USB Drive

Like my other post, here is another way to put XP on a USB drive. The difference in this version is that the operating system is a mini version that comes with a bunch of tools that can help you backup your files or do multitudes of other recovery tasks. This is the solution if you are having the “PhlashNT.sys cannot load driver” error when flashing a bios. You must use at least a 512MB USB drive for this.

  1. Download Hiren’s Boot CD here. (This is a large 400MB file)
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Find the ISO file.
  4. If you have ISO mounting software such as Virtual CloneDrive, mount the ISO file on a virtual drive. If not, you can burn the file to a blank CD.
  5. Format your USB drive using FAT32. (Go to Explorer => Right click on the USB drive => Format).
  6. Download and extract this archive.
  7. Find and run WinSetup.
  8. Select the USB drive.
  9. Click Bootice => Process MBR => select GRUB4DOS. Click Install/Config. Close.
  10. Click Process PBR => Select NTLDR boot record. Click Install/Config. Close. Exit.
  11. Copy grldr and menu.lst from the HBCD folder of the ISO mounted drive to the USB drive.
  12. Now copy everything from the ISO mounted drive to the USB drive.
  13. Restart the computer.
  14. Make sure your computer is booting from the USB drive. (Use the bios menu or the boot menu).
  15. You should see a screen that shows the options to boot from Mini XP.



  1. this is just like copyinh hirens to cd , How about just the minixp

  2. Author

    Hiren’s BootCD seems like the only “minixp”.

  3. I have a Compaq EVO N600c (very old) and i don´t have the option in BIOS to booting from the USB drive. How can i solve this problem?

  4. There should be an option menu (F12 or F10 depending on your PC) that will allow you to choose the device to boot from.

  5. I just created one – very straightforward intructions. and thanks go to you.

  6. worked great right up to the point where I mounted the cd in virtualcd.. could not access the hbcd folder.. so I mount -o loop /some/directory/the.iso /somewhere and extracted it to another directory .. the instructions worked great after that

  7. he writ to me xp.bin not fauond

  8. Brilliant work thanks a lot

  9. thanks great job

  10. NTLDR is missing. I get that error as soon as it boots after bios screen.

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